100% Handmade in NC

Meet the Owners

A Look at Our Masks

Our Design

Our masks are designed under the guidance of CDC recommendations. The cloth masks cover the mouth and nose while providing a secure loop around the ears. The fabric is soft and breathable which makes our masks ideal for any public setting. 

Mask Lining and Elastic

A cloth lining is sewn in the interior of each mask serving as an extra barrier against outside particles and filter for personal respiration. Additionally, this design prevents skin irritation and allows for less restrictive breathing. Our elastic used to secure each mask around ears is composed of soft fibers for wearer comfort and prevention of inflammation from extended wear. 

Wash and Care Instructions

Each mask is hand washable with soap and hot water. Please allow for air dry. If necessary, a machine dryer may be used on gentle settings with low heat. Our masks serve strictly as a preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19. We are not responsible for any customers potentially diagnosed with coronavirus. Our masks should be used alongside of hand washing and social distancing to effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Custom Embroidery

Add some personality to each mask with a colorful selection of embroidery options.